Rachel Kneebone 'Split Pod' (2021)

Rachel Kneebone 'Split Pod' (2021)

Rachel Kneebone
Split Pod
Edition of 20
Dimensions variable, approx. 17.7 x 5.08 x 5.08 cm | 5 x 2 x 2 in. 
Published by White Cube, 2021


Following the success of Rachel Kneebone’s sell out edition created on the occasion of her exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, UK, in 2021, the artist has produced Split Pod, a porcelain limited edition that continues her interest in the nascent form.  

Addressing the theme of the life cycle and an inherent potential for renewal, Kneebone often portrays tangles opening around mysteriously hidden centres. While her 2014 edition 1 – 15 featured an egg box of six pod-like shapes, in Split Pod, she isolates the handheld pod to arouse the sensation of a merging form, fragile yet contained, wrapping and splitting.

Each sculpture in this edition is handmade by Kneebone and uses a motif that she perceives as both tactile and discordant. As Kneebone states: ‘The pod form has a sense of disquiet about it, loaded with potential for growth and change, and I was interested to make something that fits within the hand. Porcelain is such a tactile material it feels wonderful to hold. There is a patch of roughness on each pod, where it was fired on sand, to stop the glaze fusing with the kiln shelf. I wanted to use sand, rather than washing the glaze off, as I think it is the feeling of roughness that adds to the silken feeling of the glaze, a bit like the grit that makes a pearl. So once again we have a contrast, two apparently contradictory things that come together.’

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