Michael Armitage 'Ol Ngoroi Rock' (2020)

Michael Armitage 'Ol Ngoroi Rock' (2020)

Michael Armitage
Ol Ngoroi Rock
Edition of 35
Ten-colour lithograph on Somerset warm white velvet 400gsm paper
48.2 x 61.2 cm | 19 x 24 1/8 in.
Signed and numbered
Published by White Cube, 2020

The Ol Ngoroi Rock Shelter in Kenya’s Lolldaiga Hills harbours cave paintings dating back as far as 2700 BC and as recently as the early 19th century. This print pictures an imagined ritual that might have taken place in the presence of these mysterious images, whose meanings are unknown, even by their most recent authors, the Samburu people.

Michael Armitage draws his work from life, his memory and other sources. Exploring a rich source of cultural influences, he weaves narrative and visual labyrinths through formal alternations between positive and negative space, earthen and acid tones. Much of Armitage's work explores subject matter that ranges from the historical to the mythological while contributing to a lineage of storytelling that can be both surreal and profoundly human.

This edition is sold unframed. For further information please contact editions@whitecube.com

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