Elad Lassry (2012)

Elad Lassry (2012)

Text by André Rottmann
Edited by Honey Luard
Designed by (Studio) Jonathan Hares
320 x 240 mm, hardback
72 pages, 28 colour illustrations
ISBN 978-1-906072-71-1
Published by White Cube, 2012

Through photographs, films and sculpture, as well as interventions in the gallery space, Elad Lassry has developed a reputation for the wit and rigour of his investigations into how we perceive and conceive pictures.

In his first exhibition in Hong Kong, Lassry presented a varied body of work, including pictures, sculptures and a drawing, as well as perversely hybrid objects that radically question the distinction between these media. This book focuses on the photographic works that the artist selected to form the core of the installation.

For Lassry, the act of looking, whether at a unique artwork, human face or generic coffee cup, is always a picture-making process, an instant that combines a particular sensual experience haunted by the memory of countless images that transform that experience. 

The outcome is a group of striking standalone images, each characterised by a single colour range, which the art historian André Rottmann, in his essay ‘Staging Spectres, Framing Fragments’ published in the book, describes as work that ‘articulates the dialectic at the core of Elad Lassry’s oevre, attempting to combine a crucial recognition of the spectres haunting each image with the aesthetic possibility of capturing them within the material framework of tangible pictures.’

Contributors: André Rottmann is an art historian and critic based in Berlin. He is a research fellow at the Department of Art History, Freie Universität Berlin, a frequent contributor to Artforum International and an advisory board member of Texte zur Kunst.

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