Christian Marclay 'Screams' (2017)

Christian Marclay 'Screams' (2017)

1000 x 700 mm
Folded to 32 pages
ISBN 978-1-910844-25-0
Published by White Cube, 2017  

Serving as both the record of an exhibition and as a poster/artwork in its own right, this pamphlet is a record of Christina Marclay’s series of black and white woodcuts, exhibited in his first show at White Cube Hong Kong, in late 2017.

Exploring the physical and cultural intersection of sound and vision, and reflecting the artist’s ongoing interest in the sonic perception of still images, this series of expressive prints are created through a combination of collage, digital technology and traditional printmaking techniques. Fragments of screaming faces are cut out of Manga books and other comics and collaged into new, composite faces that take on a haunting, mask-like quality.

These emotionally charged hybrid cartoon characters, often crying or sweating, emit a silent yet explosive energy with multiple narrative potential. A single work taken from the exhibition is reproduced in full across the full span of one side of the pamphlet, when folded out to its full size.

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